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Gary Henson: The Coast Is Clear

Now available on CD: The Coast Is Clear

Recorded at:
Sunset Sound Studios and Pedersen Sound Studios.

Produced by:
Gary Henson, Steve Pouliot and Lonnie Pedersen.

Engineered by:
Steve Pouliot and Lonnie Pedersen.

Mixed at:
Capitol Records Studios and Pedersen Sound Studios.

Mastered by:
Keith Blake at Pacific Mastering.

Zeke Zirngiebel, Billy Watts, Gary Henson

Taras Prodaniuk

Drums & Percussion:
David Raven, Blaine Tillack

Rick Solem, Gary Henson

Phil Parlapiano

Gary Henson, Richard Jacobson, Billy Watts, Johnathan Clark

Strings on All By Myself:
Quiet Street Productions

Radio, Retail, Media:

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Gary Henson Music: Absolute Powerpop

Read this review at Absolute Powerpop - a worthwhile blog featuring the latest and greatest pop releases.

Brian Collins
BPC Music

Unknown recording artist, Gary Henson, unveils his first attempt at establishing himself in an over-saturated, under-endowed marketplace of neo-retro rock. At first listen, the untrained ear can hear McCartney damn near commandeer the microphone while Lennon resurrects; upon closer inspection, Henson has infused pop, blues, and rock into an illustration of introspective and soulful riffs while running the meter stick of vocal diversity.

Certain songs such as, All By Myself, have the pensive qualities of a shut-in poet with the accompaniment of violins and a cello, while Cinnamon Spice is a bluesy, metallic bent and an up-tempo stand out on this album. Other tracks, like Don't Fade Away, have a polished exposition that nearly patent the melodious Beatle harmonics of the 60s yet somehow evoke a new thematic approach. The solid crescendo of chorus and tirelessly creative refrains have pop tempo with old school rhythm and soul.

Whatever Henson's intentions, this album is both an attribute to days of old while steeped in raw bone chords and guitar riffs of an Oasis-stylized compilation. Rich with amplified chorus, even the extemporaneous "nah-na-na-nah," Henson risks casting himself a throwback yet utterly overcomes this definition through lyrical and rhythm innovations in a genre that sets a very high hurtle.

More reviews are in production.

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